raspberry from our garden

raspberry from our garden

recently i attempted to make tinted lip balm with blueberry powder. almost every summer we forage wild blueberries and it is the brightest natural colorant! i’ve been trying inconclusively to infuse the carrier oil with blueberry hue (in the double boiler with constant stirring, waiting, dyeing for a week in jojoba, sweet almond and jojoba oils). i know that powder is not oil soluble, but since i saw many people on the internet do this trick with beetroot powder… oh. it did not work. vegetable glycerin could help, but i wanted to keep the recipe very simple.

all of a sudden my first make up set popped up! i remember it so vividly! sweet kit by PUPA. glossy palettes of candies with specific unforgettable aroma, so similar to the watercolors i had in my backpack. i remember the feel of every shape and structure! i used to mix the glittery tints on my hand. and sometimes on my cheeks. back then i did not have that urge to beautify myself, just as now, but i’m always looking for an opportunity to apply some plants on me… (:

so i went to the kitchen and took some raspberries from the freezer! picked by my mama in our small garden at the lake house. mashed and strained. i use small circles of unbleached cotton for this purpose.

i was not sure about the result and forgot to make more photos and write down the quantities…

raspberry juice (from seven regular size berries) was added to ~1 tsp of coconut oil (unrefined cold pressed virgin, la tourangelle) and ~1 tsp of soybean wax (in the double boiler). when everything was melted and blended i put the mixture in the fridge for 15 minutes. the consistency was uneven, with some bubbles of raspberry puree… it cooled down and got thicker and i started to mix it gently. and, in the matter of seconds, it became one whole!

*for the future experiments and natural tinted lip balms i saved this and that (:

so pleased with the colour and appearance. it is silky and creamy, tastes sour and smells mildly. shelf life won’t be long, not worrying about it, considering the size of my ‘batch’.

few words about the box! surprisingly, this is a former balm case. i got it from my dad, he had stored tiny pieces for fishing lures in there. the lid says ‘junior lip cream’ and, as it happens with all pure and good things, by accident, things fell together. seven raspberries have filled the box perfectly. and i’m back to 1960’s and berry happy!!!

неожиданно вчера утром случился шаг в прошлое. крем для губ ‘малина из нашего сада’. из нашего сада! малину собирала мама и коробочку с замороженными ягодами мы привезли в город и, как часто бывает, она осталась в морозилке почти до лета. потому что каждый раз хочется сохранить подольше. коробочку от юношеского крема для губ отдал папа.

на сок (даже пюре, процеженное) из семи замороженных ягод взяла одну чайную ложку кокосового масла (нерафинированное холодного отжима) и одну чайную ложку соевого воска. на водяной бане все перемешала, потом охладила. смесь получилась неравномерной, с малиновыми вкраплениями, но когда всё чуть застыло, перемешала ещё раз и образовался идеальный крем. и по цвету, и по консистенции он выглядит примерно так же, как юношеский крем из далёкого прошлого. кроме того, он съедобен, конечно, кисленький такой. а на губах выглядит как блеск из моего школьного косметического набора фирмы PUPA!

*видела, что блеск для губ делают очень просто, смешав сок из нескольких свежих ягод с оливковым маслом! очень вкусно и красиво.


sky blue everything!

vintage czech glass forget-me-nots, varying in shade, which is tricky to catch, but it’s true. these beads from 1930’s have different rims, sometimes overflowing and sometimes the petals are unfinished – they look so much more like real ones than new identical beads.

vintage italian sterling silver studs serve as perfect pistils here. this set is gone and i am not sure if i ever find another pair of these lovely blue flowers, but there are some more colors in here!

tiny vintage vial pendant with mana sand…

i love that time does not stand still here, hourglass is always hanging at certain angle and changing it’s position as you walk or move – you are in charge of your time. there is also a slightly longer version in the room, which can be accompanied by skin tone forget-me-not posts.

all wrapped in sky polka dot produce bag, made by my mama from old finnish cotton such as these ones. i always have few in my backpack and use them in the shop to weight nuts, fruit, candies and so on.

‘time is on my side’ by cat power comes to my mind…

как часто бывает, такого набора не планировала, да и вообще, набор – дело сложное.. песочные часы пришли в посылке и я положила их рядом со всеми цветными незабудками. а на следующий день взгляд поймал почти одинаковый цвет и, конечно, сразу столько красивых ассоциаций возникло!

голубое небо, волшебная мана, незабудки с озера, само время – как волшебство, которое тебе подвластно, не забыть бы об этом. уютно упаковала в хлопковый мешочек. мама сшила их уже так много! пара с небесными горошками есть и у меня. с изъянами, но ведь они-то и самые красивые!

minty morning

these days i am into mono scented homemade things…

we’ve got lavender spray for clothes & linens, sweet orange for the bathroom & floors and now – japanese mint solid perfume. little gifts for my white room and pendants with vintage lockets.

i’ve tried several options (beeswax, coconut oil…) and proportions, and finally settled with this one. soy wax (flakes) and apricot kernel oil (cold pressed), in equal parts. plus pure essential oil of japanese mint.

now.. here are some stem cuttings of wild mint or field mint from our summer forest walks. i decided to add a pinch of blossoms in every jar, for a mintier look. mentha arvensis and her friend, mentha japonica, pure essential oil from blumenberg brand.

here is my station. child terry towel, folded in half, with everything i need. ’empty’ glass bowl (at the upper right corner) is filled with 40% koskenkorva vodka, for wiping and cleaning. vintage glass 100 ml. laboratory beaker is highly suitable for pouring into small jar and lockets!

i did not plan or measure how much i need, just a small batch, but ended up with the perfect amount of solid perfume for seven 5 ml. jars and seven lockets. only one has spilled out.. !

here are the proportions:

1 tablespoon of soy wax flakes
1 tablespoon of apricot kernel oil
30 drops of japanese mint essential oil

i chose the soy wax instead of beeswax because the structure of finished product seems silkier and lighter, and apricot oil feels less oily and odourless. in addition, i wanted the white shade for a mint scent, breezy cool color rather than warm… and i am completely satisfied with this choice.

i do not use a double-boiler and try to keep the temperatures as low as possible. i have lots of cotton circles and put them at the bottom of the pot as an underwater coaster for a glass beaker. when the wax is fully diluted, i turn the heat off, wait a little and add an essential oil.

too many photos of the hardening and whitening… i really enjoyed the whole process!

мятные твёрдые (сухие) духи!

оказалось, что это несложный и приятный процесс. главное – найти свой рецепт, лучшие ингредиенты и не торопиться. попробовав несколько вариантов, остановилась на соевом воске и абрикосовом масле (масло абрикосовых косточек холодного отжима). из-за лёгкой структуры и первого и второго, и из-за отсутствия сильных ароматов, как, например, у кокосового нерафинированного масла. и ещё свежий белый цвет больше подходит к мятному аромату.. ?)

чтобы духи были именно твёрдые, взяла воск и масло в равных пропорциях. растопила их на водяной бане и потом, убавив огонь и немного подождав, добавила эфирное масло. на каждую чайную ложку (5 мл.) смеси – 5 капель. примерно через полчаса всё схватилось и стало мятным и белым!