sweet beets

this winter we finally visited café aalto. because it’s in the bookstore and hasn’t changed since.. we were born. pairs of wooden tables, homey coat corner with few umbrellas, menus in japanese, wealthy grey-haired ladies with desserts and fruit plates, the most attentive waitress who looks exactly like nastassja kinski in (i’m sorry) ‘one night stand’ and the beet soup.

we love beets. and i would never call it ‘it’. she is the queen and does not really need a recipe. steamed slowly and haven’t given her sweetness away to the water(if boiled), she’ll need only a pinch of salt and black pepper. we also added mozzarella. and it was a restaurant meal all the way, from the colours to the flavours…

никаких рецептов для нашей любимой свеклы! пароварка, разбавить водой, чуть нагреть, чуть соли и перца, и всё! и крыло вечернего света. какой ужин был красивый у нас. снова.

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