yet another treasure

yet another treasure

here is an unusual statement necklace in mint green and cool blue dating from the 1950’s. aesthetically pleasing, colorwise, it does look a bit hasty to me.. with these glass leaves from a different planet and weightless crystals among all the flowers! it has travelled a lot. this necklace was assembled from vintage components including matte lucite pansies (germany) and glass wired flowers (italy).

these pansy style flowers mysteriously have popped up not only in naive everyday plastic jewelry, but also in multi-strand christian dior necklaces from the late 60’s. truly, the same thing.. ) floral beads on wires, venetian in origin, were made in the 1920-30’s, their milky minty color is pretty rare, i am more used to the matte blue ones.

calm blue, aqua blue, peppermint green, crystal clear, matte tea…

not forgetting about these button style beads in lucite – they will go to my mom! for summer blouses. aqua pansies will become brooch pins with fancier middles, italian glass flowers and leaves – dangles in vintage clip on earrings.

интересное старинное ожерелье, колье из пятидесятых годов. уже третий раз попадаются мне бусы с немецкими фиалками из люцита, очень люблю их. были жёлтые, розовые, просто матовые снежные, голубые, а здесь они такого водяного цвета, в бусах он не виден, а если взять один цветок, то оттенок вдруг появляется. с ними снова будут брошки. конструкция довольно специфическая у этого украшения! видно, что не из одной страны оно. там вплетены и редкие итальянские стеклянные цветы, сделанные в двадцатых или тридцатых годах, и пластиковые кристаллы, и дорогие огромные листья. наслаждаюсь цветами и их спокойствием.

three summer sunsets

evening summer skies seen from the second floor, from my room at the lake house. shining, tender, joining.. here.

закатное небо вдалеке, за лозами и берёзами, над озером. каждый день не получалось рисовать, но когда закат заставал в комнате, то садилась на пару минут и оставляла такую память о лете на бумаге.

a quiet passion, 2016

– emily. why are you up so late?
– may i speak with you, father?
– of course.
– as you may know, i like to write. letters, mostly… but sometimes poetry.
– yes.
– may i have your permission to write during the night, for quiet’s sake? i shall not disrupt the rest of the household, i promise.
– yes, you may. it was very considerate of you to ask.
– it is your house, father.
– but it is our home, emily.

i’m boggled at how much it echoes with me and because of that i haven’t watched it fully yet. it’s way beyond poetry, even though the poetry covers all the emotions and all kinds of states. and i can not fail to mention the secret forest plant i discovered just few years ago, pale forest creature, neither a flower nor the mushroom, the ghost pipe. it’s very dear to me.

during the walks i usually do have weird rhymes in my head all the time, but since recently there’s plenty more, and now, sometimes, i dare to save them on paper.. am i saying this correctly? with the words of my second non-native language? returning to the nature and plants, here is a little observation.. i found a leaf of coltsfoot and to my surprise the other side, white one – stepmother’s side was as tender and silky by touch as the green, mother’s.

there is a hope…

fascinated by cynthia nixon’s emotional performance. enormously loud quietness. thank you.


after watching few scenes and a long absence in the white room, these earrings were created, accompanied by a tiny poem about them. yes, they were intended to her! and you. for those, whose lives go vividly, restless, deep inside.